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At Bass Innovation Group, we work with forward thinkers who envision a better future through innovation.

For us, it's about property.

At Bass Innovation Group (BIG), our focus is on finding value in underpriced properties owned by both public and private entities. Through intellectual and real properties, BIG aims to invest in innovations today that will solve global problems tomorrow. BIG sources intellectual assets, such as patented innovations, through proprietary technologies in an effort to interpret the significance of an invention and calculate its long-range commercial value. In examining real property, BIG finds and invests in scalable projects that meet emerging needs in infrastructure, housing, and land to help provide creative solutions to the constantly evolving demands of industry and society. Property and property rights are at the cornerstone of BIG’s strategy because we believe that growth in value is driven by taking an innovation to market. And in both asset classes, comparing today’s pricing with tomorrow’s values provides us with the strongest incentive for investment.

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We've got an eye to the future.

Bass Innovation Group was formed by Michael Bass to unlock value in property assets. He and the BIG team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers have experienced the excitement of imagining an idea and seeing the process through to commercial success. As a holder of more than 25 domestic and international patents, Michael and his team have over 20 years of experience in seeing a gap in the marketplace and finding an innovative solution through technology.







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